Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Top of Alumawood

IRP(insluated roof panel ) Above and Newport 6" Flat Panel Below
This is the top of an Alumawood patio cover. There are two kinds of Alumawood Roofs: IRP (Insulated Roof Panels) and Newport Flat Panel (or 6"flat panel). In this picture you see the Newport

Flat Panel. The Newport is considerable more affordable and cannot be walked on.

The IRP can be walked on but not for a balcony. It can support the weight of someone if they need to get on top. Both products  

As a builder my option for each:

Flat Panel Newport: If you are just looking for shade then the Newport patio is the cost effective way of getting that done. Saving money is a huge benefit in my mind. The bottom of the patio is flat and has wood texture. You can still get all the electrical extras, columns, lighting, blind, etc.. You can not walk on the top. You would need ply wood along the wall to get on top of the cover to distribute the weight

Insulated Roof Panel: Insulated roof panels are considered an upgrade. You can walk on the top when you need. Another reason to use the IRP would be if you intend on creating a room in closer down the road. Also, some HOA's only allow the IRP because they don't like the non-insulated roof "look" from the top.

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