Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alumawood at night

Any Alumawood patio cover can be brought to life at night using lighting. This patio has two post lights and one fan. I highly recommend adding lighting to any Alumawood awning, it looks great and makes your patio much more enjoyable at night.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aesthetics with Alumawood

On this patio the wrap color and roof color are different. Also the 2x6 rafters under the roof are an upgrade to the cover but really makes the patio unique. Food for thought. The upgrade should be only a few hundred more but cheaper then columns. The rafters can be installed after the patio is already been built. To install just mount brackets opposite each other and notch each end of 2x6 to slide over bracket and into place.

Alumawood color options

If the sales color options dont have these names then you are not using Alumawood.
  • white
  • deseret sand
  • majave tan
  • adobe
  • sonora beige 
  • latte

Custom Turns

Turn corners beautifully with Alumawood. This is a custom aluminum patio cover created with Alumawood products. If you look closely the wire for the fans and lights is all hidden above or in the patio awning. That is another great benefit to Alumawood is how clean the finish product can look with electrical.

Solid Alumawood Awning

This is a solid Alumawood patio cover with a combo color roof. The two colors are Spanish Brown and Mojave Tan. This is a nice way to add some shade to you back yard. There are many different aluminum awnings out there. When you are getting pricing, make sure you ask that they are using Alumawood, it the only one you will want. 

Hangers for Alumawood

Now you can hang decorations from you Alumawood patio cover with out causing damage to you patio cover