Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Combination Alumawood

This is a Solid/Lattice/Solid aluminum patio cover. This cover has 2" lattice, 6" solid flat pan roof, and color is white. This patio also has 6 post lights, 2 fans, and 2 TV's with outlets. This patio just made this backyard into a paradise.

Insulated Roof Panel-ALUMAWOOD

Here is a pretty large Alumawood patio we just built in Moreno Valley. This backyard is almost ready for some BBQs. This IRP is 14'6"x42' and has steel in the posts and headers. For electrical we hooked two ceiling fans. Check back soon for the video I will be posting.

Freestanding patio covers

Here is a white lattice freedstanding patio cover built in Moreno Valley. This BBQ area was rarely used because of the lack of shade, but before it was even finished people where ready to start getting some use out of the brand new Alumawood patio.

The Lightstrip on Alumawood

Here is an example of recessed lighting on an aluminum patio cover using The Lightstrip.

Ghost Post

Here is an interesting way to eliminate a post. You would need to be sure to reinforce the span from above the roof. There are also some lights on this patio cover to help make the cover enjoyable at night.